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Lucysartspace an Introduction

29 Dec

Dear Readers,

This is meant as a brief introductory overview of my new blog Lucysartspace. My name is Lucy Sutcliffe and I am a 35 year old artist living and working in Brittany France. This blogspace is meant to showcase both finished pieces and work in progress as a tool to document my creative journey as I work  , as well as containing links to my Etsy site and facebook. Inspiration and interests include street art and street culture ,anti-fashion ,alternative fashion , urban culture, sprawling metropoles, subways, high rise blocks, graffiti , modern Japan and cartoon art. I  paint and draw in a variety of media including; watercolour, gouache, ink, pen and ink, fine liners, magic markers , drippy markers, spray paint ,acrylic ,collage and fabric. Thankyou for reading thusfar and I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork, X LuCy.