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30 Dec
Kooky Scientist

Here is some work in progress . I have begun recently a series of cartoon posters with elements of graffitti  art in the background these drawing/painting are made on full size canson art paper (50cm x 65cm) and are made with a variety of mediums including magic markers , watercolour pencils, spray paint and drippy markers. I am finding the whole experience quite freeing and a departure from my more precise penwork featured in earlier posts. I have been pencilling in the characters directly and masking out areas to spray paint .It is great fun and a little messy. But it definately makes a change to see smudges , drips and scribbles directly on my work in the place of spotless white paper. I am enjoying the mixed media so much I am thinking of adding elements of collage and maybe fabric to the posters.The characters are Tokyo street kids but they have been made to look like cartoon characters.

SmileySmiley CloseupStreet PunkStreet Punk CloseupCombat PunkBoho Chick


Lucysartspace an Introduction

29 Dec

Dear Readers,

This is meant as a brief introductory overview of my new blog Lucysartspace. My name is Lucy Sutcliffe and I am a 35 year old artist living and working in Brittany France. This blogspace is meant to showcase both finished pieces and work in progress as a tool to document my creative journey as I work  , as well as containing links to my Etsy site and facebook. Inspiration and interests include street art and street culture ,anti-fashion ,alternative fashion , urban culture, sprawling metropoles, subways, high rise blocks, graffiti , modern Japan and cartoon art. I  paint and draw in a variety of media including; watercolour, gouache, ink, pen and ink, fine liners, magic markers , drippy markers, spray paint ,acrylic ,collage and fabric. Thankyou for reading thusfar and I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork, X LuCy.